Create Unforgettable experiences

We’re sourced the Hudson Valley to find some of the most wonderful craftsmen, artisans and wellness practitioners to provide our guests with more than just a vacation.  Disconnect with technology and reconnect with the land.  Explore the magic of a deeper connection with your food.  Dive into what it means to grow a fully organic garden.  Explore the world of essential oils, herbs and tinctures.  Key Garden offers 15 different types of vegetables which produce incredibly rich, nutrient dense yield.  Our invitation to you is to come away from your trip having learned something new, no matter how small. 

Farm to Table Meals

Why go out when you can pick fresh organic produce from our garden and then have a local chef prepare a world class meal for you without ever having to leave home? 
Whether its Organic Farm to Table or Traditional, we accommodate any dietary preference imaginable.


Want a Catskills experience to write home about? Well now you can. We’ve found Upstate locals with unique skill sets who are ready to teach you what they know. Connect more deeply with the land & take something tangible away with you.
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Therapeutic Services & Health

We’ve assembled a well rounded roster of local teachers, trainers and therapists who are experts in their craft to ensure your body, mind and spirit are well taken care of while visiting.