Restaurants & Local Fare

Come to the Catskills and enjoy world class restaurants, organic, local produce, local beer and wine, and much more.

Top Picks

The best of the best – You can’t go wrong with any of these options. Our carefully curated list will stand up to even the most fussy food or beverage connoisseur.


Rise and Shine with some of these breakfast and brunch staples near The Ashton Hills.


We’ve got you covered for those mid-day cravings! Scope out our picks for lunch fare in the greater Woodstock area.


Want to find exquisite dining experiences in the Hudson Valley? Look no further! Experience the same quality food and vibe as any major city, but with better service, even more attention to detail, and prices that won’t break the bank!

Wine & Cocktails

Watch out! Craft cocktails are a staple in this neck of the woods – with bartenders on par with those in major nearby cities. Check out our picks for best wine-bars, lounges & bars near The Ashton Hills.