Wine & Cocktails


(Woodstock, 10 minutes)

Top pick for a sexy and vibrant ambience combined with delicious food selection. You’ll feel like you’re right back in NYC. Silvia has a sustainable evening dining menu featuring locally-sourced and thoughtfully-curated meats, vegetables, and an incredibly unique cocktail menu and vibrant bar atmosphere.

SILVIA reflects our vision of connecting food and people with back to basic cooking that is honest and sustainable. Our open kitchen with a wood fired grill and organic vegetable-centric pantry, reflect our commitment to locally sourced ingredients.

(845) 679-4242

Hotel Kinsley

(Kingston, 25 minutes)

Another phenomenal option with food quality and taste similar to Silvia, though perhaps a bit more meat-centric (Don’t be fooled though – lots of veggie options, too!)… Great pasta additions as well and their vegetable curry is to die for.

We would suggest taking a look at their wine-by-the-bottle list, which is extensive and includes some excellent NY-produced favorites and have one of their handcrafted cocktails to complete your experience.

(845) 768-3621

Prospect at Scribner’s Catskill Lodge

(Hunter, near ski resort, 35 minutes)

Scribner’s, in many ways, is another one of those places that came along at the peak of the Catskills becoming the destination that it is today. Sure, you might have seen them on Instagram, but even the most thoughtful photos cannot do the experience here justice. There are many breathtaking views to see while hiking and many exquisite dining experiences to be had upstate, but this is one of the few places that truly blends the two serendipitously. 518-628-5150

Lis Bar

(Kingston, 25 minutes)

The cocktail program here is playful, sophisticated, and generally spirit-forward. This is the sort of place where we’d want to find a designated driver to take us home because choosing just one cocktail feels more sinful than trying them all… Okay, maybe not all if we’re thinking of our guts and morning hangovers – but yeah, them ALL! Their polish-centric tapas and small plates are also a perfect union of tradition and innovation.


Lis Bar Menu